Espressos have become my new favorite drink since I tried them for the first time at a coffee shop. Normally I’ll just go into the shop and order a cup of coffee to drink before work. The cashier asked me if I wanted to try something a little different because I always have the same drink every time I go in there. She recommended that I give the espresso a try and I did and loved it. I looked at some espresso machines on Cuppabean to find one that could make me a good espresso while at home.

I don’t like to read manuals with the devices that I buy. Whenever I get a new phone or tablet, I just take it out of the box and turn it on without going through any complicated instructions. That’s why I wanted an espresso machine that was simple to use without a lot of trouble setting it up. I wanted to have as little time as possible between me and my espresso. If it takes me more time to make it at home than it does to drive to the coffee shop and order one, then the machine isn’t worth my time.

The espresso machine that I chose works pretty easily. I don’t go to the coffee shop as much as I used to because I can make espressos at home. The cashier who works there wondered why I don’t come in as often to order my usual. She thought I started going to another coffee shop that sells coffee for a cheaper price. In a way, I guess I did, except the shop is in my own home. The convenience of being able to have an espresso whenever I want is something that I would gladly keep in exchange for regular coffee shop visits.